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11th Aug 2019

So the Kaldaran Imperial Knights (originally known as Guardians of Kaldara, for the OG members) is opening its doors to recruitment.

We recruit within from Kaldara. So first order of business for Requirements to joins:

An applicant to the Kaldaran Imperial Knights must posses an undying loyalty to the Empire, Emperor, and the Kaldaran People.
They must have been enlisted in the Kaldaran Military for a period no less than six (6) months.
They must demonstrate the utmost in honor and play with a passion, embodying the pinnacle of the values and culture of the Kaldaran Empire
They must have achieved at least E-4 (Drekaris) in rank, at minimum
The applicant must be accepted by the Grandmaster of the Order AND the Emperor.
One member of the Imperial Knights must attest to the honor and qualifications of the applicant.
An applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
The applicant must ensure that if they hold any staff position or position of authority within a Kaldaran Military Division that they ensure an acceptable replacement has been lined up before their induction into the order.
An Imperial Knight must be willing to wear Imperial Colors and promote Imperial values at all times.

A couple of exceptions can be made, depending on the applicant.
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13th Aug 2019

Where do you apply?


Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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