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Recommendations for Promotions
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Joined: 31st Oct 2018
Rank: C-1
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17th Aug 2019

This subject is for members to put in their recommendations for who they believe deserves to be promoted to the next rank. When filling this out, you need to the following.

Discord Name: 

Activity lever on a scale 1-10:

Why do you feel said individual(s) deserve a promotion:

What rank do you feel said individual(s) deserve. Be Realistic, An E-1 should not be recommended for Warlord, as an example:

**changes in the documentation are subject to change**

The purpose of this document is to help the higher chain of command promote loyal members through the ranks. We do not see everyone here or people just get missed as a whole, so we are calling upon our members to be our eyes and ears at time.
Joined: 31st Oct 2018
Rank: C-1
Likes 1
19th Nov 2019

giving a good old bumpero to this post
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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