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Formation of the 5th Legion
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23rd Jun 2019

The Kaldaran Empire is officially looking to open the 5th Legion in a new Operational Theater. Anyone interested in more traditional MMOs with large amounts of content and features, or an interest in the Star Wars Universe, you're in luck! Our newest expansion is into Star Wars, The Old Republic. We are currently playing on the Satele Shan server, the warlord and I have already begun setting up.

Features will include various guild activities, the creation of a guild F L A G S H I P (which I am personally quite excited for) and likely a lot more to be discovered, in addition to providing a fresh recruiting ground to grow the Empire's operations and swell our ranks from a new source.

In order to get the Legion founded in game we will require four people online at the same time in a party to get it started. So the Empire is looking for volunteers among those who are interested in joining us in this exciting new expansion of Imperial Authority.

SWTOR is free to play, so there is no cost of admission here. If anyone in the Empire is interested in taking a dip into the Star Wars Universe with your fellow Kaldarans, please leave a post in this thread pledging your support to help get the guild founded up and running. We have the credits! We have the weapons! We have the firepower and the gear. We need YOU!
So what are you waiting for, sign up here today! Remember: Service Guarantees Citizenship!

New or returning players feel freed to use this link ... 8tLp
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Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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