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Fait - Kaldaran Mobile Infantry Application
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Joined: 14th Nov 2019
Rank: T-1
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14th Nov 2019

I just filled out application 'Kaldaran Mobile Infantry Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Username = Fait
Discord Name = Fait#5373
Recruiter(s) = _Frank01_ I was messaged by him when looking for a clan on warframe.
Special Skills = I have minimal photoshop skills, my knowledge of photo design caps at making desktop wallpapers. I am also a mediocre video editor, if you wish to see my editing skills then I suggest requesting something for yourself, this is due to the fact that I mostly edit for a group channel that i'd like to keep private.
Interest in Joining = Most of the communities on warfarme (in my experience) restrict a lot of free speech and even when it comes to simple banter I find myself getting in trouble with the moderators. Upon seeing the rules of your server I feel as if I have found a place where I could finally connect with people though opinion and not just through a video game.
Which of the Following Games do you Play = Warframe
Other Games = I play a little bit of league of legends, I am not much of a gamer honestly. I enjoy sticking to one game and one community for the most part.
I certify that I am 18 Years of Age or Older = Checked
Please List Your Timezone = Eastern European Standard Time
Forum » Applications » Civilian Registration Office
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