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Welcome to the Kaldaran Empire


Please be sure to register here on the website. This will include a basic registration, and the filing of a Civilian Application to be added to the Kaldaran Population Census. After this is filled out, go ahead and post in Discord in the Introductions Channel. This will allow you to start engaging with the group, and send an extra notification to Imperial Authorities that we have applications to process, expediting things for you!


While waiting, we suggest you take a moment to fill out your profile and browse the site, become familiar with things. Add a signature, post an introduction in the forums, tweak your profile picture, or fill out the list of games you play on your profile page and add various usernames for ease of access. Maybe add a banner. This will help you stand out, add a little flair, and show that you have a greater-than-average interest in engaging with the group and its various presences.


This is the real meat of it. You're not just some civilian who wants to hang out, maybe a friend, family member or significant other to a Citizen, you want to BE a Citizen, to have a vote, to make your voice heard and participate in full in the franchise. You want to serve with the best of them, from Mobile Infantry to Guardian Units or even the coveted positions in the Imperial Knights, fighting alongside the Emperor on the front lines in his personal retinue. You want to climb the ranks, maybe become an officer! This is where you start. First, put in an application with whatever unit you're a part of or wishing to join. This is done from  Rosters and is your step to go from a civilian to an enlisted member of the Imperial Service. And Service Guarantees Citizenship. Note: You must submit the form through that page, simply posting in the corresponding forum does not actually generate a recruitment form for approval and thus does not award rank and position in the roster.

Now What?

From here all that remains is to get out there in the field, or explore the site some more. You should now be either a civilian or a soldier with your ranks filled in, your discord roles applied, and everything squared away. You'll begin earning credit towards medals and promotions according to your service record. If you have an questions, seek out an officer, NCO or experienced enlisted who might have the answers you're looking for. Get to know your new divisionmates, and members of the service at large. These are your brothers and sisters, and you're a part of something more now.
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20th Apr DevNado1 has applied through the recruitment application Kaldaran Mobile Infantry Application
20th Apr DevNado1 just joined our community, welcome!
15th Feb MilitantBlack has applied through the recruitment application Kaldaran Mobile Infantry Application
15th Feb MilitantBlack just joined our community, welcome!
18th Dec 2020 [Styvos] fasstboi
Well, this is a bit awkward lmao
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6th Dec 2020 [Kamat] matthewh33
looking to return to the empire need the discord invite pls 
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30th Jan TDaninov has applied through the recruitment application Kaldaran Mobile Infantry Application
30th Jan TDaninov just joined our community, welcome!
5th Jan Big Puma has applied through the recruitment application Kaldaran Mobile Infantry Application
5th Jan Big Puma just joined our community, welcome!
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